Cumberland Snowmobile Club

Club Information

Directors Information

Past President - Austin Darragh
(902) 661-4340 (home)A A A A A A A A A (902) 664-8288 (cell)

President - Greg Morash
(902) 471-4172 (cell)

Vice President - Alex Parker
(902) 686-3218 (work)

Secretary - Lisa Macdonald
(902) 430-6548 (cell)

Treasurer - Sue Brown

Grooming and Trail Development Account Treasurer
Andrew Wallis
(902) 667-1880 (home)

Directors: A John Baxter, Sid Glennie, Jack Hannah, Morris Lloy, Bob Dean, Skip Walsh (honorary)

George Pugsley:A A A A A A A Safety Coordinator
Lyndon Crowe:A A A A A A A A A Signage Coordinator
Lyndon Crowe:A A A A A A A A A A SANS Rep

Price of NS Trail Passes

$130 per snowmobile Early Bird (by Dec. 15th)
$180 per snowmobile regular season
$85 for aclassic machinesa (by Dec. 15th) and family rate
$50 3-day permit

A copy of permit required for 2002 machines and older vintage.
Passes are available for purchase at the clubhouse or at any of the locations listed on the SANS website .

Price of Club Membership

$25 per member or family
Club memberships are available for purchase at the clubhouse.
There are ramps at the clubhouse where you can unload your truck or trailer.

Hours of Operation (in season)

Fridays 3 a 9 (canteen / gas bar)
Saturdays 9 a 6 (canteen / gas bar)
Sundays 10 a 4 (canteen / gas bar)

Price of Gas

Octane 91 - $1.75 per litre during clubhouse hours

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